We offer scientific, technical and strategic consulting services in all the nuclear fuel cycle and in problems related with the presence of radioactive material in the environment


Nuclear Fuel

  • Quantitative modelling of the evolution of the nuclear fuel during the irradiation phase
  • Development of quantitative radiological and geochemical models to assess the evolution of the spent nuclear fuel under storage and definite disposal conditions
  • Multiparametric experimental and modelling studies of the behaviour of spent nuclear fuel

High, intermediate, low and very low level radioactive wastes

  • Study of the stability of the wastes: radio-geo-chemical characterization and quantitative simulations
  • Waste alteration: studies of solubility, dissolution, sorption
  • Effect of the waste immobilisation matrices and packaging materials: interaction with other waste components and the environment
  • Development and maintenance of thermodynamic and kinetic databases
  • Expert judgement and elicitation of uncertainty

Engineering barriers in deep and surface radioactive waste repositories

  • Study of the near field of the repository and alteration of the engineering barriers: clays, concrete-plugs, metallic containers…
    • Analytical characterization. Alteration and corrosion studies and assessment of their impact in the waste environment
    • Interaction of the barriers with the waste components
    • Development of hydrogeochemical quantitative models to predict long-term evolution. Simulation of geochemical plumes
    • Advanced simulations in support to design engineering
    • Expert judgement of best materials and alternatives
    • Assessment of barrier safety functions and safety indicators

Radioactive waste repository performance assessment and siting

  • Coupled 3D hydrogeochemical modelling
  • Site investigation and characterization of radioactive waste emplacements
  • Development of computational techniques for the assessment of the impact of the construction of the repository in hosting media. High performance computing.

Environmental and radiological impact of radioactive waste storage facilities, radiologically contaminated soils and sites, NORM&TENORM

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Quantitative risk analyses and uncertainty assessment: advanced compartmental modelling
  • Quantitative dose assessment
  • Multicriteria assessment of best management and remediation options and techniques
  • Regulatory advice
  • Hydrogeochemical study of Uranium mines and mine closure

Expert advice to authorities in waste management related issues and Risk Assessment

  • Expert review of performance and safety assessment exercises
  • Expert review of supporting documentation prior to license application
  • Comparison of best management options and recommendations

Risk public perception and public participation

  • Stakeholders analyses
  • Design of participation strategies helping the decision making process
  • Planning and implementation of communication policies and strategies with communities
  • Support to regulators and implementers

Advanced Modelling Solutions

  • Coupling of the latest advances in geosciences, chemistry and numerical methods
  • Creation of advanced models and development of high performance innovative tools.
  • For more information, contact:  modelling.solutions@amphos21.com

R&D and Other services

  • Design, planning and development of R+D
  • Multidiscipline, multipartner, multinational project management
  • Training in radioactive waste management