R&D+i Amphos 21

R&D+i activities conforms one of the axis for the development of the company, since the birth of our operation in 1994. About 30% of our projects are directly related with R&D. We bring our expertise and knowledge to the service of our clients, helping them to anticipate solutions to a wide range of environmental situations. Our training on-the-job enables any consultant having worked with us for a reasonable period of time, to face the most challenging environmental situations through a deep understanding and analyses involving R&D.

We have R&D indicators incorporated in our organisation, such as: scientific publications, Ph.D. students advised by our most senior staff, research projects, collaboration with research institutes and/or universities. We envision R&D as one of our main entrance door to any type of business activities. This provides Amphos 21 with a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues we tackle with, and our clients with a guarantee of excellence and credibility to the solutions we develop.

Our Hallmark

The Amphos 21 hallmark develops from a combination of the:

  1. A deep understanding of the industry and scientific institutions facing and tackling with environmental issues
  2. Expert advice to our clients in the identification of knowledge gaps they need to fill in order to improve their business activity
  3. A team with excellent initiative, in constant movement and continuous hunger for knowledge
  4. R&D in-house capabilities,
  5. Focus and adequate resource allocation, needed to envision and design the optimal R&D strategy
  6. A wide network, through an excellent imbrication with other organisations, universities and research institutions around the world, searching for the best tailored team to offer the optimal solution
  7. Expertise in Knowledge and Technology transfer, needed to ensure beyond the state-of-the-art transfer of results, from research to application
  8. Communication skills, needed to ensure adequate knowledge management, communication and dissemination of the results obtained.

Amphos 21, the ideal travel mate

Amphos 21 is an ideal travel mate for industrial organisations and research organisations, which want to ensure not only a focused and tailored research, but also the transfer and application of the results to their activity.

We have a long track of projects developed as part of technical excellence platforms, multi-partner consortia, bilateral agreements and individual developments in subjects such as radioactive waste management, capture and storage of CO2, water resources, critical raw materials, etc.. We give some examples in the inserts below.

Our research is presented in different conferences around the world. In 2017 we had the honour of organising, together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) the “16th International Conference on the Chemistry and Migration Behaviour of Actinides and Fission Products in the Geosphere” in Barcelona. The Migration Conference is one of the forums of reference for the scientific community of radioactive waste management (www.migration2017.org), which constitutes our main business sector in Europe and is attended by most of the research institutions working in this area.