Amphos 21 provides the software and hardware resources to be able to do highly sophisticated, 3D, multi-physics simulations.

In order to keep the focus of our attention on the physics of the models, we aim to keep our infrastructure up to date, both on software and on hardware level.

Software tools

Amphos 21 works with well-known commercial software but we are also focused on offering custom software solutions for our clients.

To be able to answer to the client’s necessities, the numerical tools play an increasingly important role. With that comes the requirement to balance productivity and performance and use of new capabilities vs tested methodologies.

These are some of the factors that causes us to decide to use existing geochemical and hydrogeological standard codes, to extend them for a specific case, or to search/create new and innovative solutions.

Software provided by Amphos21

The following resources might be useful for the porous media community. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have questions or you want to know more about them.

Commercial and academic software

Of course, we also work with widely known commercial software. We have long experience on
Comsol Multiphysics (we are certified consultants), FeFlow, ModFlow, PFlotran, CrunchFlow, Phreeqc, Toughreact, CodeBright

We aim to work with the best and latest material on the market, so that our projects can be performed as efficient as possible. Our computational resources are centralized in the Amphos21 Computing Center, an environment ready to provide the calculation power and the advanced post-processing and visualization capabilities required for state-of-the-art models.