Amphos 21, scientific and strategic environmental consulting

Consulting - Engineering - R+D+i - Advanced modelling

We offer scientific, technical and strategic consulting services in all the nuclear fuel cycle and in problems related with the presence of radioactive material in
the environment

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We offer efficient and quantitative solutions for the mining industry, backed by 25 years of experience, particularly oriented to the water cycle.

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We provide hydrological services as an integrated solution, synthesizing all relevant subjects of the hydrological cycle for a given project.

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We offer consulting services aimed at promoting sustainable development at both the public
administration and the private sector.

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Amphos 21 services are related to advanced modelling, hydrology, hydrogeology,
geochemistry, geomechanics, and conceptual engineering developing pragmatic solutions based on a complete understanding of the system and tailored to the client needs.

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Social commitment, respect fo the environment and search for the quality

Our commitment with the environment is translated into every day work. Our projects aim at developing and applying sustainable solutions to important environmental challenges

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R+D+i from the onset for our activity in 1994 R+D+i constitutes our backbone. A 30% for our projects develop R+D+i

Advanced numerical modelling

We count with a vast experience in evaluation, analyses and modelling the environment, from material performance to geological media

From 2010 we have tripled size

We have developed projects in four continents

Our clients