iDP stands for interface DarcyTools-PFLOTRAN. It is an interface to couple DarcyTools and FLOTRAN. The main target is to develop an integrated reactive transport platform consisting of Darcy Tools (complex flow simulations) and PFLOTRAN (High Performance Computing for geochemical simulations) in order to incorporate DarcyTools (ability) with the reactive transport capabilities of PFLOTRAN such as the high performance computing (HPC) with the help of its internal libraries such as PETSc.

The interface is written in a modular, cross-platform and extensible way using Fortran and Python.





iDP provides a graphical user interface to generate the configuration required for the simulation. A DarcyTools subdomain can be selected from a steady state flow solution for use in a transient reactive transport simulation running in PFLOTRAN. This can be extended to a quasi-transient reactive-transport simulation by using several steady state flow solutions.


If you would like to reference iDP in your publications, please use the following reference: de Vries LM, Molinero J, Ebrahimi H, Svensson U & Lichtner P (2013). High Performance Reactive Transport Simulation of Hyperalkaline Plume Migration in Fractured Rock. Mineralogical Magazine, 77(5) 982.



  • Peter Lichtner; LANL; USA

  • Urban Svensson; CFE AB; Sweden