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Under the difficult circumstances we are all going through due to Covid-19, we want to make our small contribution.
Amphos 21 has developed, together with Ignasi Puigdomènech, the software CHIMERA.
CHIMERA is a tool for extraction  of thermodynamic data from PHREEQC to SPANA format. The tool saves time to geochemical modellers and allows easy comparison between different thermodynamic databases. Today, we launch the tool with public access to all those interested parties. You can download the free software CHIMERA here.
We will win! We will resist! Our best wishes to all of you and… see you soon!
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SPANA (formerly MEDUSA) is a graphic user interface to the chemical equilibrium diagrams software SED-PREDOM. The chemical equilibrium constants needed for SPANA diagrams are contained in DATABASE (formerly HYDRA). The SPANA software is developed by I. Puigdomènech (

The new software CHIMERA extracts the information contained in databases written in a format compatible with the geochemical code PhreeqC (Parkhurst and Appelo, 2013) and automatically converts this information into a format compatible with the SPANA/DATABASE code.

CHIMERA has been developed by I. Puigdomènech (SKB) and Amphos 21 ( The development has received funding from SKB, the Swedish company for nuclear waste management.

Following the philosophy of the creator of SPANA, we open the CHIMERA software to all public. CHIMERA is released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). In short, this means that you can copy and install it on as many computers as you like. You can obtain the source code freely and you can even modify the source code. Any changes made to the source code need to be made public, if they are redistributed. All use of the software is at your own risk. Any questions concerning the installation or use of this software can be directed to

In order to reference CHIMERA in your publications:

Chimera (2019). A tool for extracting PhreeqC databases into SPANA format. Amphos 21.

Chimera is written in Java and is provided in an executable file, no installation is needed. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be also installed to run Java software.