Amphos 21 at the very heart of water reuse and managed aquifer recharge

Invited by our client Roscoe Moss,  we attended the International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR) at Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. We presented a summary of the article published in Groundwater.

Oscar Jaime (Vice president Engineering and Manufacturing at Roscoe Moss) explains how each segment of screen is finished with a weld ring.

Roscoe Moss produces a variety of spiral pipe diameters for their customers. Did you know how the different diameters are achieved? They transform steel coils of various material types into a tube by angular rotation and welding. What’s next? The Louver fabrication

The Louver screens


Many thanks to Oscar Jaime for his thorough explanations and Roscoe Moss Board of Directors and staff for their hospitality

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